Friday, July 31, 2015

Best friends and worst enimies

These two fight like cats and dogs. If they aren't fighting they're loving up on each other. Girls are so much drama! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Best, worst store ever!

IKEA is awesome, but it is so dang long that everyone has a meltdown as you are exiting the store. It's a good thing they have a cafeteria half way through or the girl would probably die a horrible death between the shelving department and bedspreads galore. Mckenna, Evie and Barclay were there so that made the trip more enjoyable. I hope these pain in the butt memories will be funny in the years to come, because quite frankly if the girls didn't die by shopping we would have killed them! Avery bug's face says it all.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

First time in Nursery!

Avery bug did awesome in nursery! Adaline stayed in the whole time. I think sister power makes them both braver. The teachers were fantastic and said they both did awesome. Although they're so nice I don't think they would tell us if they were horrible :)

Family Reunion

We went camping up Hobble Creek canyon over Pioneer Day. It was an awesome time. Unfortunately my phone was put away almost the whole time so I didn't get many pictures. I'll have to get some more from Grandpa Roberts. Although I got one of Avery bug taking a bath. She's had crazy hair and the water was freezing, but as usual she has a big ole' grin on her face.


Along with teaching Insanity I have now become a Beachbody coach. I went to my first Super Saturday to get pumped up for it. I'm am so excited to start this program. I think it will help me get to my physical goals faster, since I've seemed to have flatlined.  Tomorrow Ill start my 21 day fix. I will report after! So here's to a healthier life style!
This is Julie who is a fellow Beachbody coach.

Visit from Dad and Corbin

We got to have Corbin and Dad up last weekend. They were only here for 24 hours but it was awesome. We sure do miss those two. We all went to Braza grill and stuffed ourselves with Brazilian food. We hit some balls on golf course. Went to church, and had a BBQ, and just spent time chilling at the house. It was short and sweet.

Five years apart, we still got it!

Shark week

Well its been Shark week at our house. Avery bug has a mouth full of teeth and isn't afraid to use them. When your little you've got to use the assets you have, for self defense. Adaline got to close and got it right on the nose. Watch your limbs if you wanna keep them!